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Do you feel that you simply are made to speak on the stage? Do you want to beat the stage fear and steal the show? Do you want to find out the proper skills, attitude, and stage skills for anchoring? With the Anchoring Course, all this is possible. If you're confused if you ought to take up an Anchoring Course or not, then answer these questions: -Do you wish to shine within the limelight by impressing the public? -Do you like to talk on stage? -Are you always open and willing to experiment? -Are you good with communication and interpersonal skills? If you said yes to most of those questions then Anchoring Course is for you. We've a track record of 97% placements in almost every year. Students who have 50% average marks then we assure them 100% placements in leading Event Management Giants. We are proud and glad to own placed following students.


-The entertainment industry is growing leaps and bounds. Television, movies or the other platform; anchors are required everywhere. -Reality shows, chat shows, and therefore the likes are flooding the tv and web series, thereby creating numerous job openings for anchors. -You can shine in challenging careers like Anchoring, Show Hosting, Radio Jockeying, public speaking, News Reporting, Coaching, etc.

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