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anchoring course

anchoring course

A comprehensive training program on anchoring is designed to help you get the balance and confidence you need to be an anchor
You think you are talking on the stage? Do you want to defeat the stage fear and steal the show? Do you want to learn the right skills, attitudes and stage skills? All of this is possible by anchoring the course.
This is a 60 hour course to be delivered in classes of 2 hours each. Thus, this course will run for a total of 30-45days. Instruction will be via lectures, screenings, demonstrations and hands on practical work. Students will do 2 projects in groups
The art of Anchoring is Defined as the skill set through which we speak in Public And address One or more people at a time. This has many types such as Formal anchoring , Corporate anchoring , Cultural Anchoring, Anchoring in television Etc.