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Video jockey

Video jockey

 Video is more than just a moderator or announcer. They chat with the public to make the show more interactive. They also interviewed celebrities. They even host game shows (Roadies, anyone?). With the popularity of television reaching the highest level in history, the opportunities are limitless.

If you want to be a good video jockey, you must have good interpersonal skills. You must be prepared to work in a team and be prepared for different and variable working hours. You must have a sense of humor and be able to stand up and think. A good screen presence will help you get Brownie points.
This is a 120 hour course to be delivered in classes of 2 hours each. Thus, this course will run for a total of 60-75days. Instruction will be via lectures, screenings, demonstrations and hands on practical work. Students will do 3 projects in groups.
A video jockey (abbreviated VJ or sometimes Vee jay) is an announcer who introduces music videos and live performances on commercial music television stations such as VH1, MTV, Channel V and Much Music.