Adv. Diploma in Interior Design

About Course

Interior designing is a Creative and Technical solution to build an Interior environment such that it combines functionality, cultural context, esthetics, and the quality of life of users. It is all about how we experience space and effects an individual work, lives, eats, cook, sleep, and much more. An Interior Designer anticipates needs & appeal of his clients and subsequently work on the spaces as per as the anticipation & according to the individual ideologies. An Interior Designer is expected to have a working knowledge of textiles, colors, space planning, health &safety issues, laws & building codes, materials, and most importantly how all these things come together and make a design successful.

This course will enhance your vision and develop a sense of design. Interior design has emerged as a career in recent years. Now it is an independent profession that is growing rapidly and is full of opportunities. Within the field of interior design, there are multi career options such as start your own practice, work in a small or large firm, or specialize in a particular skill or a particular area.

In this course, we provide knowledge through our expert trainers, with the combination of theory, practical, workshops, site visits, and market surveys related to Interior Designing, so that one can handle individual professional projects. We provide full career counseling, job placements, internships, and guidance through our expert trainers and counselors in the Interior Designing department.

This advance diploma course included, all the topics covered in six months diploma course, as well as the following topics:

  • Furniture Dimensions & Placement
  • Building Construction
  • Scale, drawing & Drafting
  • Sustainable design
  • Design Project (Residential)
  • Workshops & Seminars


  • AutoCAD (2D)
  • Google Sketch-up (3D)
  • Photoshop
  • V Ray
  • MS Office

Course Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility- 10+2

Certification: CAD DESK