Professional Diploma in Photography

About Course

Photography has seen many faces from lavish hobby to common man’s tool. But with the rise of social media, outline advertiser, the e-commerce company, professional photography is reaching higher demand. Our course at “Creative Desk”, covers all aspects of photography which makes a person adaptive to shot any genre.

The following topics are included in this Diploma Program:

  • Know Your Camera
  • Basics of Photography
  • Exposure
  • Focus
  • Trick Photography
  • Sensor & File Format
  • Lenses
  • Lights
  • Few Genres of Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Night Photography with Lights
  • Portrait and Fashion Photography
  • Landscape, Wildlife, & Nature Photography
  • Press Photography or Street Photography
  • Action Photography
  • Close-Up or Macro Photography
  • Product Photography


  • Photoshop

Course Duration: 6 months

Eligibility:  10+2

Certification: CAD DESK