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Introduction	to	Journalism	&	Mass	 Communication

Introduction to Journalism & Mass Communication

 This is a 30 hour course to be delivered in classes of 2 hours each. Thus, this course will run for a total of 15-30days. Instruction will be via lectures, screenings, demonstrations and hands on practical work. Students will do 1 project in groups.

Mass communication is the study of how people exchange their information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time with an amazing speed. In other words, mass communication refers to imparting and exchanging information on a large scale to a wide range of people. It is usually understood for relating newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, as well as radio, television and film, even via internet as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news and advertising. Mass communication differs from the studies of other forms of communication, such as interpersonal communication or organizational communication, in that it focuses on a single source transmitting information to a large number of receivers. The study of mass communication is chiefly concerned with how the content of mass communication persuades or otherwise affects the behavior, the attitude, opinion, or emotion of the person or people receiving the information.